How we Operate!!

...we manage responsibly the work entrusted to us...

How we Operate

To understand what we do we tell you this aphorism:

"Three men, employed with the same functions in a marble quarry, they were asked what they did:

The first answer - Breaking rocks.

The second answer - Make ends meet.

The third answer - Helping to build a cathedral. "

We, like the third man, we are proud of "Participating in the construction of the Cathedral" working actively in projects that become reality and we feel that our task is important to enhance the end result and enhance the work of those who conceived and implemented In short, the final touch before going on the catwalk.

Our employees, with years of experience in the industry, operating with responsibility and reliability distinguished by the quality, perfection and care of the work entrusted to him, in addition to cleaning the workplace. Organization and efficiency in our construction sites are established practice.

The constant presence of one or more managers who coordinate all stages, from logistics to mount up to testing, and monitoring with daily reports, provide the client on the progress of the work, which would involve it in phases and taking prompt action on any changes to be made.

Our site managers have the ability to interact with the company and if necessary and required even with the end customer always ensuring the agreed delivery times.

We respect and apply all safety standards at work paying particular attention to the safety and health of our employees.





 The Vitiello Gerardo d.o.o. is a company with twenty five years of experience in the assembly of furniture and....... (continued).


We operate all over the manner in which demand is our professionalism, we cite below some locations ....... (continued).


Our business cards are our client companies with whom we have carried out work very representative ...... (continued).

Gerardo Vitiello d.o.o.

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