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About Us

The Vitiello Gerardo d.o.o. is a company with twenty-five years of experience in the field of assembly of furniture and furnishings for reception facilities, residences, retail, offices, both at national and international level. Our strength is the ability to meet the needs of the customer by offering impeccable service and excellent quality, taking care of the work entrusted to the last detail. Our technicians and collaborators, with an excellent professional training, love to do their jobs well and always be technically up to date, are at the customer's service for all the problems also executive through the use of advanced technologies.

Orienting to problem solving, we can handle any project, even the most complex, ranging from logistics through to testing, respecting delivery times.

Our vision is that in order to exist, a company must have a useful purpose. It can not concentrate only on the exercise of their daily activities to earn the right profit but, far beyond, must attend to the welfare of the community it belongs to. Every business, like every person, has to contribute to society; thanks to the continuous daily efforts, his image reveals the quality standards that oversee the management of its affairs.

To Gerardo Vitiello we hope that, thanks to the quality of our services and the way we manage our contacts, in the interests of truth, justice and clarity, we are given the opportunity to communicate in a certain way, the timeless values ‚Äč‚Äčthat We must be defended every day to become better citizens, better companies, better communities.

Our efforts are constantly directed to achieve this vision and we do everything possible to make a great service to our customers, society and neighbor, committing ourselves to the best of our ability. (See Code of Ethics)




Our employees and technicians, manage the work entrusted to us responsibly. Coordinate all phases of work ....... (continued) .


We operate all over the manner in which demand is our professionalism, we cite below some locations ....... (continued).


Our business cards are our client companies with whom we have carried out work very representative ...... (continued).

Gerardo Vitiello d.o.o.

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